Announcing the first ever Long Island Retro Gaming Retrothon!

Hey All! We’ve got one exciting update for you today, and it’s one we’ve been itching to show off for awhile now. We are pleased to announce the main event of this year’s Expo, The Retrothon!

What is a Retrothon you might ask? It’s a comprehensive retro gaming marathon that will take place across the entire weekend. Each round of this event will showcase a different era and genre of game. Do you have what it takes to be crowned our first ever Retrothon champion and take your place in LIRG Expo history? For more information, check out the Retrothon Event page– we’ll be announcing the games that make up the Retrothon there as we get closer to the event. And if you want to sign up, check out the registration page on, where you can register for all our awesome tournaments!

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Event Pre-Registration is live!

That’s right- you can now pre-register for events in the tournament roster! We’ve opened up a limited number of seats in advance so that you can secure a spot in any tournament ahead of the event! Pre-registration is available through just follow this link and you’ll be signing up in no time! And if there’s an event you’re interested in but it’s filled up on pre-registration, don’t worry- there’ll be more spots available for in-person registration at the expo!

Make sure you also get your venue ticket as well- for more information on purchasing those, take a look at the tickets page.

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Updates Updates Updates!

We’ve been busy working on getting tons of content and events for the expo, and we want to keep you in the loop! We’ve finalized our tournament roster and started posting rules for the games. We’ve announced the Achievement Station challenges. There’s three awesome new events, including a big-band concert playing your favorite video game tunes! Check out the Tabletop page for a ton of events (with more to come!) And finally, make sure to take a look at some of our awesome Guest Speakers if you haven’t already!

If you like what you see, make sure to get yourself some tickets because this year’s expo is gonna be great!

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Online Tickets available now!

That’s right, tickets are now available for the expo! Order your tickets now to get them at a discounted rate:

Click here to order your tickets!

For information on pricing, check out the tickets page or by clicking the “Tickets” button above!

Ticket sales will run through midnight, August 11th. Check back in soon for online event pre-registration for our tournaments track!

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The Game is never over: Long Island Retro Gaming Expo Returns!

The Long Island Retro Gaming Expo returns for its 3rd consecutive year for lovers of retro games and classic gaming. Get ready to play all your retro favorites, browse retro gaming vendors, participate in panel discussions, bring your best cosplay, and enter tournaments and win prizes!

Newly expanded to two days, 2017 also sees even more panels and presenters from the retro gaming community. Come see many of your favorite YouTube and podcast gaming personalities as well as some special surprise guests.

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