Announcing the first ever Long Island Retro Gaming Retrothon!

Hey All! We’ve got one exciting update for you today, and it’s one we’ve been itching to show off for awhile now. We are pleased to announce the main event of this year’s Expo, The Retrothon!

What is a Retrothon you might ask? It’s a comprehensive retro gaming marathon that will take place across the entire weekend. Each round of this event will showcase a different era and genre of game. Do you have what it takes to be crowned our first ever Retrothon champion and take your place in LIRG Expo history? For more information, check out the Retrothon Event page– we’ll be announcing the games that make up the Retrothon there as we get closer to the event. And if you want to sign up, check out the registration page on, where you can register for all our awesome tournaments!