F-Zero GX

Date/Time: 12:30PM, Sunday August 13th

F-Zero GX (GameCube)

Format: Single Elimination


4 Player Matches
Vs Battle Mode

Laps/Handicap/Restore: Default

Course Select:

1st Round Matches – Ruby Cup – Mute City, Casino Palace, Sand Ocean, Lightning
2nd Round Matches – Sapphire Cup – Big Blue, Port Town, Green Plant, Mute City
3rd Round Matches – Emerald Cup – Fire Field, Green Plant, Casino Palace, Lightning
4th Round Matches – Diamond Cup – Cosmo Terminal, Sand Ocean, Fire Field, Aeropolis
5th Round Matches – AX Cup – Aeropolis, Outer Space, Port Town, Lightning

Any remaining rounds will use the AX Cup Course List. The two players with the highest points will advance after four races.