Card gaming

Is it card gaming you enjoy? Interested in learning how to play?

At the Long Island Tabletop Gaming Expo we will be offer learn-to-plays in addition to competitive events!

Magic: the Gathering Events

Rapid Fire Matches: $2 per round, winner gets a Booster pack

Welcome League: $8. Players get (2) Booster packs plus a free welcome deck. Every (5) wins gets a Booster pack.

Deck to be announced prior to the event.

Calling all Pokémon fans! Whether you are new to Pokémon or a seasoned player. We have a bunch of Pokémon events at the expo all weekend!

If you are NEW and would like to learn how to play Pokémon TCG we are having a “learn to play” all day Saturday and all day Sunday. You will receive a Trainer deck or Theme deck to learn how to play with our wonderful and knowledgeable Pokémon staff. Cost is $10 per person.

Already know how to play, then you can join in our 1v1 pack battles or our 8 player Pods.

1v1 Pack Battles
• Entry fee is $10 per person
• Build a 10card deck using only one pack provided by our staff
• Battle another Pokémon trainer using only 1 prize card
• Winner receives 2 Booster Packs

Last player standing PODS
• Entry fee is $5
• Standard format deck required
• 8 player pods
• Booster Packs prizes to top 2 players



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