Free Play

What is Freeplay?

Freeplay is an area where you get to re live video game history! It is comprised of many different areas. You can select from various home video game consoles, arcade machines, and PCs as they were in the 70s,  80’s and 90’s. Enjoy gaming with iconic characters such as Sonic, Mario, and Pac-Man. Team up with a buddy to take on a level boss. Or, go head to head in a sports classic. Experience the first ever PC FPS. No DLC! No load times! No RROD!  And we aren’t even counting the museum which could be a freeplay area all in itself.

Old adventure games.  Great couch co-op.  Consoles ranging 30 years.  And a lot of “holy $#%^, I forgot all about that game!

New for 2019 – come walk the Ring of History!

The Ring of History is our love letter to the legacy of classic gaming.  Take a journey through time, as you observe the evolution of home video game consoles in chronological order.  Learn some things that you may not have known about some of your favorites systems. Discover new systems you may not have even known existed.  Most of the items in the Ring of History are playable!

New for 2019 – Pinball!

Yes, we know – finally! Click here for more info.

Be sure to also check out the following areas:

The Smash Zone

Check out the Smash Zone,  a dedicated area for multiple versions of Super Smash Bros.

Console LAN

Duke it out in our Console LAN section, and engage in some Mario Kart:Double Dash, Twisted Metal Black Online, Halo and more.  No online here!  You need to be able to see your friends face as you blue turtle shell his behind!  Also included in this area, are Xbox One Stations running Halo CE Anniversary, brought to .you by The Extra Life NYC & LI Guild on behalf of the sick and injured kids at Cohen Children’s Medical Center .  Xbox One Consoles provided by Microsoft Store, Roosevelt Field.   Join the LIRetro Extra Life Team here!

The PC Attic

Our PC Level (the entire third floor) is where you will find not only a huge PC LAN party going on with all of your classic favorites (like Warcraft 3, Unreal Tournament, and X-Wing vs Tie Fighter, Descent, Starcraft, Quake 3, Diablo II, just to name a few) but you will also discover a number of classic single player PC experiences.  Everything from Oregon Trail and onward!

Everything else

It doesn’t stop there.  We put out the entirety of the LIRetro hoard of games and systems, everywhere we can fit them.  You will not be bored.  We promise.  (and yes, we have a Steel Battalion).



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