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Whether you are a longtime miniature-gamer or interested in just getting started, the Long Island Tabletop Gaming Expo has something for you!
Play or spectate one of our larger tournaments, such as Guild Ball, Warmachine, and Blood Bowl or visit the Demo Zone for a taste of what these games have to offer. Join us in the free-play zone to earn points and prizes, or sit in on one of our painting and hobbying classes to learn more about how this hobby can inspire your inner artist.


One of the biggest games in wargaming, Warmachine is a steam punk fantasy tabletop miniatures game by Privateer Press where two armies battle it out for supremacy!

Event Details:

Saturday, August 1oth, 2019

Registration begins at 10:30am, Dice at 11:00am

Free Entry with admission to the Expo.

To ensure a timely start of the event, please pre-register below by 8/4/19.

Register Here on Conflict Chamber

Privateer Press has also sponsored our Freeplay area. Tabletop gaming veterans of the Northeast (and far farther!)

Guild Ball

Grab your kit and head out to the pitch. It’s time for Guild Ball. A fast paced, one on one game of mob football. Take your Guild head to head against another in the first to earn 12 victory points, by goals or by takeouts!

Join us for a 32 player Guild Ball Regional Cup event using the rules laid out in the latest Organized Play Document.  

Event Details

Saturday, August 10th, 2019

Registration at 10am, Dice at 11am

Entry fee now included with admission to the expo!

To ensure a timely start of the event, please pre-register below by 8/4/19.

Register Here on Longshanks


Blood Bowl

Welcome Blood Bowl fans! Blood Bowl is that most brutal of sports that celebrates violence as much as technique. The Long Island Blood Bowl League, now in its 15th season, is one of the largest leagues in the United States and has built a long tradition of blood and fanfare. Races from all over the world come together to battle it out on the pitch. One of the forgotten races, the Halflings, embrace the fun of the game more than most. So when they approached me to run their own tournament, I thought to myself – “why the heck not?”. Coaches far and wide, come and participate in the inaugural edition of the Halfling Master Bowl!

Event Details

Sunday, August 11th, 10am –5pm

All the 26 known races are welcome, including the Daemons of Khorne, Bretonnians and Slann

TV1100 plus 60-100K in skills depending on tier • All teams get a free Sous Chef

Giveaways: 8 awards plus custom tournament dice, custom weather dice and a miniature (TBD)

Entry fee included with admission to the expo!

Pre-Register Here


Our next Crush Hour even is going to at the Long Island Retro Gaming Expo!

Get your tickets now! https://expo.liretro.com/

The tournament will be a standard two monster event, 45 min Death Clock, No painting requirements. Fabulous prizes and give-aways galore!

Start time is 11am, arrive early to fill out a roster sheet.

Crush Hour rules apply: http://files.privateerpress.com/op/Monsterpocalypse/Crush%20Hour%20Rules.pdf




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