Pinball is finally here!

The inaugural Long Island Pinball Open tournament at the Long Island Retro Gaming Expo is on!  There will be a 10 game main tournament bank with many brand new games from Automated, and collector quality Williams/Ballys from a private owner with perfect playing machines: a large free play bank of 20 games along with all the other fun the Retro Gaming Expo brings. Thank you to our official sponsors: Automated, PinGraffix, Stern Pinball, Oskar Blues Brewery, Jackbar, Sunshine Laundromat, Solid State, Pioneers, Brooklyn Pinball and our official streamer Backhand Pinball. More info coming soon about a charity side tournament.

Up to 100 players will be able to play for prizes and trophies in an A, B and Women’s Division! All players will have the chance to win a pinball machine! Limited entry 25 games, best score top 6 games count cut to top 24 PAPA style finals with 8 byes. This tournament will look to become a Stern Pro Circuit event.

Tournament Pre-Registration Info

Registration costs $60 per entry fee and covers your entire tournament expense. Registration is via paypal to WPPRelli@gmail.com, including your full name in the info section sent as friends and family. You can register up to 5 players at once, listing all their full names as instructed. Registration is on a first come first serve basis and a wait list will be maintained. Here is the guaranteed prize structure with approx only half attendance (note: prize payouts will increase in amount and # of paid player according to registration)

Please note, there will be free play pinball machines available for anyone to play - the $60 registration fee is only for those who wish to play in the tournament.

To register, please enter your Full Name in the Box Below and Click Pay Now to be brought to paypal.

A Division:

1st: Pinball machine TBD + trophy
2nd: $400 + trophy
3rd: $300 + trophy
4th: $200 + trophy
5-8th: $150 + translite
9-24: Gift Certificates/Bar Tabs/Swag and cash based off attendance.

B Division (Restricted to IFPA rank 250+ as of tournament date)

1st: $200 + trophy
2-4th: Trophy swag and cash based off attendance

Women’s Division

1st: $200 + trophy
2-4th: trophy swag and cash based off attendance.

These guarantees are based off 50% maximum attendance and will adjust accordingly. All finalists will get prizes and likely cash!

Limited entry qualifying runs from 10 AM to 8 PM.The first round of A finals as well as the top 4 B and Women’s finalists will play Saturday night. Please note anyone who qualifies for both women’s and a main bank division will be allowed to play both. The final 16 A finalists will compete on Sunday. The entire tournament, qualifying and finals will be streamed by Backhand Pinball with their incredible professional rig. Someone is bringing home a pinball machine, an amazing trophy, WPPRs, glory and the prestige of the first ever Long Island Pinball Champion! Someone is leaving the Expo with a gorgeous pinball machine, there is no prize as a sweet as a new pin to add to the family!

Game List

Games in photo are not necessarily going to be at the event. We plan to have the following games available to play, but the list is subject to change:

Phantom of the opera
Swords of fury
Dr who
Riverboat Gambler
Blackwater 100
Deadly Weapon
Judge Dredd
Plus more!



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