Role Playing Games

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to visit a new realm?
Here’s your chance! See what the buzz is all about!

Our experienced Game Masters will teach you how to play and bring you on a fun adventure into the unknown. Take a journey into space or back in time with friends and foes alike.

All of our games are beginner and kid friendly, we have a few for experienced players as well.  Check our program guide for those details. Below are some of the games that we are offering at the 2019

Dungeons & Dragons



Call of Cthulhu

Edge of the Empire




If you are interested in joining The Long Island Tabletop Gaming Expo’s awesome team, please fill out the form below. All Game Masters are entitled to free admission to the Expo for the day of their game.

Long Island Tabletop Gaming Expo GM Registration Form

Tabletop Role-Playing Games (RPGs) are cooperative and interactive. A small group of players assume roles of fantasy characters that interact and engage in adventures that take place in a fun themed world. Game play happens in the form of discussion and a Game Master (GM) guides players through the game. Beginners welcome. Unless specified, all games are family friendly. All materials will be provided.



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